Experience Japanese Culture with a Walk Around Otaru in a Traditional Kimono!- Half day course –

Otaru is a port city with a historical atmosphere.
Please enjoy spending quality time wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.
You will also have the opportunity to take many wonderful pictures!

The kimono will be fitted by a professional. It won’t feel tight when you’re walking but also will not lose its form.
Otaru is well suited by Kimono which add to the historical atmosphere of the city!
Many elements of traditional Japanese atmosphere remain in Otaru, making it a perfect place for sightseeing.
Don’t miss this chance to walk around and take pictures while wearing a kimono.

At "Beauty Shop & Kimono Rental Twinkle" your kimono will be fitted by a professional kimono fitter. It will not feel tight while you’re walking but also will not lose its form.
Even your Japanese zori sandals will be made for comfortable walking, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your day.

Otaru features many great photo-taking spots including brick storehouses lining canals, a small glass-blowing shop, and a shop which sells handmade music boxes!
With many old buildings lining the street, “Sakai Machi Dori” is a standout among Otaru’s many wonderful spots!!
Even now, many of these buildings contain cafes and souvenir shops. Simply walking through the area will be very enjoyable.

For those who would like to experience a greater transformation, please select the hair-setting option.
Don’t miss this chance to wear a kimono and make wonderful memories in Otaru!
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- Kimono rentals are included so you can participate at ease!
- It’s fine to come empty-handed! There are no items you need to bring.
- Otaru has many splendid photo-taking spots. If you take pictures while wearing a kimono, there is no doubt you’ll get everyone’s attention!?
- Optional setting of your hair by a professional is also possible. Those who want to get deeper into the mood of kimono-wearing are welcome to try.
- You will be given a map of "Sakai Machi Dori St.".
- Take photos at your favorite locations while walking through Otaru City; a perfect souvenir!
Inquire for Booking Ask Questions
Available time period 1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018
* Closed Tuesdays and every third Wednesday

* Reservation Deadline: 3 days prior
Participation fee Kimono fitting and dressing , Japanese accessories (sandals, bags) rental set!
8,100 yen per person

Upgrade kimono: 5,400 yen
Hair set 1: 1,620 yen
Hair set 2: 2,700 yen
Japanese Hairstyle: 3,780 yen
*Those who choose the hair-setting option will have hair ornaments installed for free (rental).

Photography by a professional cameraman is also possible.
50 shots: 21,600 yen , 100 shots: 27,000 yen
Photo-taking locations include spots such as Sakai Machi Dori St., the area around the canal, and Otaru Food Village. If you are interested please let us know.
Meeting location Beauty Shop & Kimono Rental Twinkle (1-9-8 Inaho, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0032 JAPAN)
Pick Up Service Pick up service unavailable (meet at the salon directly)
Required time About 3.5 hours

- 8:00am-10:00am Meet on-site at Otaru “Twinkle”
- Get dressed. (It will take about 20 minutes per person.)
- Walk Around Otaru City.(3 hours)
Otaru has all the quintessential features of a historic town:
brick warehouses along the beautiful canals, small blown glass shops, and even stores that sell hand-crafted music boxes.
- Come back to the “Twinkle” , Get changed into your own clothes.
- Tour ends

- Please let us know your preferred time.
* Besides the above times, we can accommodate to suit your schedule.
* However, please be aware that this program requires 3.5 hours to participate.
* If you would like to extend the time, you will be charged an additional fee.(1,080 yen / 30 minutes)
- Dressing time will vary depending on the number of people.
- The above course times is just a rough estimate.
Requirements for participation Maximum: 5 participants
* If you would like to book for 6 people or more, please call us for details.
* The size of the Kimono is limited. (Approximately the height of 140 cm to 190 cm.)
Otherwise, the kimono will not fit.
* If children would like to participate,
they may do so with their parents or guardian.
Things to bring / Required items It’s fine to come empty-handed! There are no items you need to bring.
Important notices *Special Request*
We need to know the gender, height, weight, and shoe size of each participant.
Please let us know by writing it down in the comments/questions section.
Cancellation Cancellations made by customers will be subject to the following penalty fees:
* 2-3 day before the tour: 20% of the tour fee
* 1 day before the tour: 40% of the tour fee
* On the day of the tour: 50% of the tour fee
* No show on the day: 100% of the tour fee
Included in this fee - Kimono Fitting, Dressing
- Japanese accessories (sandals, bags) rental
- Sales tax, insurance
Not included in fees Personal expenses
Payment method - Advance Payment by online credit card.
- Advance Payment by overseas bank transfer.
(Japanese yen only. Please pay the additional bank transfer fee.)
* Note: Payment is due 3 days before the tour date.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before you apply.

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