[Program currently off season.]
Hokkaido Hot Air Balloon Flight Adventure for 3D2N Trip to Challenge Mashu Flight

Offer a view of the "Mashu blue" of mysterious Lake Mashu from the sky! The flight altitude is 2,000m! The hot air balloon flight experience which flies higher than the flight area of birds.
Over 1,000 flight hours! The super veteran pilot of the "Mashuukisen" Mr.Tsuyoshi Miyahara, will guide you on this Mashu Adventure Flight.
You are sure to be impressed by Lake Mashu which can only be viewed from a hot air balloon! Blend into the sky and become one with the wind as you enjoy a midair stroll.

Admiring the breathtaking views in Japan from hot air balloon floating through the sky! There is no better place than East Hokkaido for hot air ballooning in winter! Experience one hot air balloon flights in Mashu area during your 3-day, 2-night trip! This truly is the ultimate hot air balloon tour!
"Free flight" – where the hot air balloon drifts with the wind – is unlike "tethered flight" – where the balloon is anchored by ropes.
Controlling the balloon during free flight is difficult, as its direction is influenced directly by the wind, and it can be experienced at just a handful of locations throughout Hokkaido.
We take this genuine hot air balloon free flight experience further, embarking on a long-distance, high-difficulty Mashu Adventure Flight at towering altitudes of 2,000m – even higher than the flight area of birds!
The prominent Japanese ultra-veteran pilot of the Mashuukisen, Mr. Tsuyoshi Miyahara, guides you on this difficult flight, which cannot be made if weather conditions such as wind speed and direction are not favorable.
This is a 3-day, 2-night trip that takes advantage of this rare flight opportunity to provide magnificent 360-degree views as far as the eye can see, an impressive experience that can only be enjoyed with a genuine hot air balloon free flight.
[Mashu Adventure Flight]
Mysterious Lake Mashu sparkles in Mashu blue
Flight altitude 2,000m. Flight distance 30–50km. Flight time 30–60 minutes.
[Free Time]
You can enjoy popular izakaya (Japanese-style bars) as well as to East Hokkaido's winter tourist attractions, such as: the largest wetland in Japan, Kushiro Marsh; observation of red-crowned cranes, a special natural monument of Japan; a drift ice and birdwatching cruise where you can enjoy the drift ice of the Okhotsk Sea, plus Steller's sea eagles and white-tailed eagles.
As you have a stay at Kawayu Onsen – which utilizes 100% hot spring source water – you can relax and refresh your body and mind.
Recommended Programs
- Offer aerial views of the iridescent "Mashu blue" colors of mysterious Lake Mashu!
- A highly-experienced veteran pilot, Mr. Tsuyoshi Miyahara, guides participants on a trip of the skies with safety as his first priority!
Program currently off season.
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Available time period 25 February to 9 March 2018
* Reservation Deadline: 5 days prior
Participation fee 1 room for 2-4 people: 130,000 yen per person
*If you wish to participate by 1 person, we will only accept it if there are already more than 2 participants. In that case, 1 person: 138,000 yen.
*When extending your stay, 1-night stay with breakfast: 8,500 yen (For 1 person: 12,500 yen)
Meeting location Kawayu Kanko Hotel
(2-30, 1-chome, Kawayu Onsen, Teshikaga-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido / Tel: 0154-83-2121)
Pick Up Service Please let us know if you wish transportation from Kushiro Airport or JR Kushiro station (additional charge).
Required time 3 Days 2 Nights
[Day 1] *Dinner
3:00pm Check-in at Kawayu Kanko Hotel
[Day 2] *Breakfast
Mashu Adventure Flight
5:30am Depart from Kawayu Kanko Hotel (Breakfast Box)
6:00am Arrival at Flight Spot (Teshikaga-cho)
[Mashu Adventure Flight]
10:00am Flight End
11:30am Arrival at Kawayu Kanko Hotel, Open Schedule
[Day 3] *Breakfast
*In the case of the flight was canceled on previous day
Challenge at the same time as the previous day (Please check-out before departure)
*In the case of the flight had ended on the previous day
Check-out Time until 10:00 am
* Schedule might be changed due to traffic, weather or other conditions.
Requirements for participation Minimum: 2 participants
Maximum: 8 participants
Ages 18 years old and up.
**No smoking on this tour from the beginning to the end**
**Please kindly remind that your group must have a person who can
   communicate in Japanese or English. 
   If not, the guide can reject your ride onsite without refund the fee.
The persons who cannot join our flight are:
(The reason why for this is that when we are forced to land on the snowfield of 20-80cms depth you have to walk by yourself.)
- Who needs a wheelchair, walking stick, or any helps to move or medical cares.
- Who has any serious chronic disease.
- Who has heart disease or morbid-fear.
- Pregnant woman
- Drunk or drugs
- Pet
Things to bring / Required items - Warm winter clothes (like a ski suit)
- Winter shoes with the warm socks
- Warm Cap, Gloves, and Muffler
- A mask for covering the face or a pair of sunglasses would be much more help.
* Please be dressed in the suitable clothes because it may happen sometimes that your clothes are torn or become dirty. The temperature above would be nearly -20 degrees C.
- You can take a camera on but take care of its warming. The battery is run down shortly at the low temperature.
* The things you cannot take in the balloon are:
- Selfie stick
- Tripod
- Food (candy and chocolate are OK)
- Big luggage
- Cutlery
- Lighter
Important notices [Required information:]
- All participants' name (full name), birthday, gender, age, blood type, address, mobile phone number, weights (approximate weights including the clothes to calculate the whole weight)
[About cancellation:]
- The flight schedule might be changed drastically due to the wind or other weather condition.
- The flight might be canceled due to more than 3m/s wind, or other weather condition before the tour date, or just at the time of boarding.
- The flight might end earlier due to the wind or other weather condition.
- Please sign "the Application for the Accident Insurance" and "the Agreement for Hot-Air Balloon Flight Adventure" before boarding.
- You may ride separately into two groups when there are more than 7 participants. In that case, we calculate the weight of participants including clothes and decide how to separate.
- Please manage the valuables in you.
Cancellation Cancellations made by customers will be subject to the following penalty fees:
* 8-20 days before the tour: 30% of the tour fee
* 2-7 days before the tour: 30% of the tour fee
* 1 day before the tour: 40% of the tour fee
* On the day of the tour: 50% of the tour fee
* No show on the day: 100% of the tour fee
*Before departure, we may cancel the tour due to climate conditions such as developed low pressure. 3 days before the tour, we will contact you.
After 2 days before, we will decide whether to implement on the previous day.
[When hot air balloon flight is canceled all]
Refund 92,000 yen per person
Refund 82,000 yen per person (If you made a round-trip from Kawayu Kanko Hotel to the flight spot by taxi)
Included in this fee Hot Air Balloon Flight Adventure (1 time)
Hot Air Balloon standby expense for 2 days
(machinery and materials, delivery vehicle, fuel, staff)
Round-trip to the flight spot from Kawayu Kanko Hotel
*Share transportation by sedan type vehicle
Kawayu Kanko Hotel 2 nights accommodation
(Japanese style or Western style with bath and toilet)
Meal: 2 Breakfast, 1 Dinner (Other is own expense)
Insurance, Tax
Not included in fees Lunch
Dinner (1 time)
Personal expenses
Payment method - Advance Payment by online credit card.
- Advance Payment by overseas bank transfer.
(Japanese yen only. Please burden bank transfer fee by your expense.)
* Note: Payment is due 14 days before the tour date.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before you apply.

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