[Program currently off season.]
Horseback Riding in Sapporo with Private Transfer

Enjoy horseback riding in Hokkaido’s beautiful nature.
You can hardly imagine that you are only 40 minutes away from downtown Sapporo.

Welcome to WILD MUSTANG’S, where a western community is born in Sapporo’s outback!
Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo!
In a beautiful location in the south of Sapporo and close to Jozankei Onsen, WILD MUSTANG’S welcomes you to a fun western cowboy town!
In the midst of nature, with a towering mountain spiked with 8 peaks, and a wonderful wine orchard next door, the surroundings are perfect to help you relax. Our Sheriff will kindly guide you and take you on a patrol ride with the horses through these nature-filled trails.

We have courses for beginners to the experienced.
Come and enjoy this western style horseback riding, and add an unforgettable memory to your visit to Hokkaido!
Recommended Programs
- Private transfer from and to the hotel you will stay.
- Beginners and riders of all levels welcome!
 Various lessons are available, depending on your horseback riding experience.
Program currently off season.
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Available time period 1 April - 30 November 2017

* Reservation Deadline: 3 days prior
Participation fee [40 minute Course]
1 in a vehicle: 17,000 yen per person
2 in a vehicle: 12,000 yen per person
3 in a vehicle: 11,000 yen per person
4 in a vehicle: 10,500 yen per person

[60 minute Course]
1 in a vehicle: 21,000 yen per person
2 in a vehicle: 16,000 yen per person
3 in a vehicle: 15,000 yen per person
4 in a vehicle: 14,000 yen per person
Meeting location Your driver will wait for you in the ground floor of your hotel.

* Please note that the driver is not an English-speaking tour guide.
 We do, however, provide an information sheet in English.
Pick Up Service Pick-up from your hotel in Central Sapporo (around JR Sapporo station,
around Odori Park and Susukino), or near JR Sapporo station.

* If you would like to be picked up at a location other than a hotel,
 depending on the address, an extra fee may be applied.
Required time [40 minute Course] (2.5 hours)
[60 minute Course] (3 hours)

EX) Horseback Riding [40 minute Course] (2.5 hours)
9:10am Pick-up from your hotel in Sapporo
9:50am Arrive at "Wild Mustang's"
10:00am-10:40am Horseback riding 40 minutes
11:00am Depart "Wild Mustang's"
11:40am Drop-off at your hotel in Sapporo

* We can accommodate to suit your schedule.
 Please let us know your preferred time.
 However, please be aware that this program requires 2.5 - 3 hours
 (depending on the course) to participate.
 If you would like to extend the time, you will be charged an additional fee.

* Schedule might be changed due to traffic, weather or other conditions.
Requirements for participation Ages 7 years old and up.
* Children must be accompanied by an adult.
If you can hold the reins, you are able to participate.

Minimum 1, maximum of 4 in one vehicle.
You will be divided into separate vehicles if your group numbers 5 or more.
Things to bring / Required items - Please wear active clothes. Long pants, long sleeves. No skirts, no shorts.
- Please wear active shoes: Sneakers recommended. No high heels, no sandals.
- Sunscreen and bug repellent spray are recommended.
Important notices - The driver is not an English-speaking tour guide.
- The guide / instructor will explain in easy / simple English.
- The program might be cancelled due to weather conditions etc.
- Please follow the guide’s instruction at all times.
- All the courses are operated with utmost caution.
 However, horses are live animals, so there is a possibility of accidents,
 such as an unexpected fall from the horse.
Cancellation Cancellations made by customers will be subject to the following penalty fees:
* 1 day before the tour: 40% of the tour fee
* On the day of the tour: 50% of the tour fee
* No show on the day: 100% of the tour fee
Included in this fee Horseback riding fee
Transport by private vehicle (sedan type)
Insurance, Tax
Not included in fees Personal expenses
Payment method - Advance Payment by online credit card.
- Advance Payment by overseas bank transfer.
 (Japanese yen only. Please pay the additional bank transfer fee.)
* Note: Payment is due 3 days before the tour date.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before you apply.

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