[Program currently off season.]
Tokachi Farm Picnic With a Field Guide

Go for a stroll in a wide, open field while listening to the Field Guide's explanation!
This tour allows participants to eat the food they gather in the fields that day right in the middle of the field.

Take a tour of a Tokachi production farm.
As this is not a sightseeing farm, a special "Field Guide" will accompany all guests.
Go for a walk in the fields and hear about how the crops are grown and make it from farm to table.
The canola flower tempura bowl, boiled corn, and fresh fries you eat in the middle of the field after the tour are sure to last in your memory for a lifetime.
You will be able to take part in the harvest of a variety of seasonal vegetables, including canola flower, corn, potatoes, and more.

This experience is sure to teach you the real meaning of the Japanese word "itadakimasu".

Let's go walking in the fields of Tokachi!
Recommended Programs
- You will be led through a real production field!
 This isn't a sightseeing field and is normally off-limits to guests!
- Enjoy a lunch eaten in the middle of the vast field made
 from the fresh ingredients harvested there!
Program currently off season.
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Available time period 15 May - 31 October 2017

mid-May. to mid-Jun.: Canola flower Picnic
mid-Jun. to late-Jun.: Green Wheat Picnic
late-Jun. to mid-Jul.: Potato Blossom Picnic
mid-Jul. to early-Aug.: Freshly Picked Corn Picnic
early-Aug. to mid-Aug.: Potato Digging Picnic
mid-Aug. to late-Sep.: Fresh Picked Corn Picnic
early-Oct. to late-Oct.: Japanese Yam Digging Picnic

* Dates may vary depending on the growth of the crops.

* Reservation Deadline: 3 days prior
Participation fee Adult: 5,800 yen
Child (ages 3 to 11): 3,800 yen
Infant (ages 0 to 2): 300 yen
* We do not provide snacks or meals for infants.
Meeting location Fields / Parking Lots

mid-May. to mid-Jun.: Canola flower Field, Kuroda Farm
(48-17, Shimoshihoro, Otofuke-cho Kato-gun, Hokkaido, 080-0272)

mid-Jun. to late-Jun.: Green Wheat Field, Bandou Farm
late-Jun. to mid-Jul.: Potato Field, Bandou Farm
mid-Jul. to early-Aug.: Corn Field, Bandou Farm
(Kita 6 sen 30, Kitamemuro, Memuro-cho Kasai-gun, Hokkaido, 082-0007)

early-Aug. to mid-Aug.: Potato Digging, Kawano Farm
mid-Aug. to late-Sep.: Corn Field, Kawano Farm
(Kisen 5, Towa, Otofuke-cho Kato-gun, Hokkaido, 080-0151)

early-Oct. to late-Oct.: Japanese Yam Digging, Michishita Hironaga Farm
(Nisi 7 sen 22-2, Itairacho, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido, 089-1244)
Pick Up Service No pick up or drop off service is provided. We will meet on-site for the tour.
Required time 2 hours

11:20am Meet on location in the farm’s special parking lot for visitors.
11:30am-1:30pm Farm Picnic
         After changing into the boots provided for the tour and listening
         to the Field Guide's overview of the farm, it's time to enter the
         How are the crops harvested? How are those crops processed?
         How do they make it to supermarkets?
         The guide will answer all these questions and more.
         The guide will make time for photographs throughout the tour.
         After a delicious lunch, you may take pictures or ask the guide
         questions as you like.
1:30pm Tour ends on location after returning your boots and covers.

* Schedule might be changed due to weather or other conditions.
Requirements for participation - Minimum: 2 participants (except infants)
* Children must be accompanied with adults.
- While we do walk slowly, we will walk for about 1 kilometer.
 We ask that guests who find it difficult to walk up and down stairs please contact
 us before participating.
- Wheelchairs may not be used during the tour.
- Smoking is not allowed on the farm and you may not bring pets to the tour.

* For groups of 10 guests or more, please reserve a tour at least 10 days in advance.
Things to bring / Required items - Comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
 (Dirt and dust may stick to your clothes during the tour.)
- Comfortable shoes for walking. (No high-heels)
- Socks
- Hat
- Drink
- Rain gear (rain or shine)
Important notices [Requests From the Tour]
- When making a reservation,
 please include the full name and sex of all participants.
- We will provide boot covers or special boots for use in the fields.
 Please include the shoe sizes of all participants in your reservation.

- All farms are regularly off-limits to guests in order to prevent harmful bacteria
 from entering the fields. However, we will receive special permission to enter the
 fields with the boots provided.
- These fields are not sightseeing locations. They are active production fields.
 Harvesting periods are subject to change due to season and weather, and tours
 may not be possible at some times because of this.
- The farmers on the fields we will tour will be focusing on their duties.
 We will not be able to meet with them on the tour.
 However, you may be able to meet and speak with them on rainy days when
 they are unable to work or see them working in the fields from a distance
 at times.
- Please do not do anything that could damage the crops in these fields.
- Smoking is not allowed on the tour.
- There are portable toilets for use on the farm.
- The course and contents of the guided tour are subject to change due to weather
- Under most circumstances, the tour will take place rain or shine. In the event of
 rain, most of the tour will be in indoor storehouses.
 However, because we will walk outside as well, please bring appropriate rain
 The tour may be canceled due to typhoons or large scale disasters.
 In the event that the tour is canceled, we will contact you ahead of time.
- The time periods for each picnic are rough estimates.
 We may have to visit a different field based on the season and how well the
 crops are growing.
 Therefore, we may not be able to visit the exact field you wish to see.
 During times when it is particularly difficult to make a definite decision as to
 whether or not a tour can be held, we will accept reservation requests.
 In this event, we will contact you at least one week before the scheduled tour
 date to let you know if the tour can be held.
Cancellation Cancellations made by customers will be subject to the following penalty fees:
* 1 day before the tour: 40% of the tour fee
* On the day of the tour: 50% of the tour fee
* No show on the day: 100% of the tour fee
Included in this fee Field Guide
Lunch in the field
Protective gear (boot covers or boots)

* We are enrolled in the Travel Accident Compensation System.
Not included in fees Personal expenses
Payment method - Advance Payment by online credit card.
- Advance Payment by overseas bank transfer.
 (Japanese yen only. Please pay the additional bank transfer fee.)
* Note: Payment is due 2 days before the tour date.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before you apply.

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