Private Tours with Local Licensed Guide

All of our guides are:

  1. Local
  2. Licensed
  3. English-Speaking
  4. Friendly
  5. Knowledgeable
  6. Clear accounting

We have two types of tour guides.

1. Professional guides

Professional guides are highly proficient in English and have a deep knowledge of Japan’s history and culture and the local areas we are visiting. They are full of warmth and humor and pay careful attention to the needs and preferences of our guests. They are constantly seeking ways to upgrade their skills and experience in order to become the best tour guides.


2. Cubs guides

Cubs guides are licensed local guides with fewer work experiences than professional guides. Despite their relatively limited skills and experience, they are attentive and enthusiastic and will offer you appropriate support on your way to explore Sapporo and other cities. We have no doubt you will enjoy travelling with them.

With Guide

With Guide and Vehicle

Sapporo City
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